Shanghaied by cutthroats, and regretting his foolish outburst, young Jeremy is forced to scrub the pirate's ship. Captain Beckett had Jeremy's uncle and older brother imprisoned deep in the hold, wounded and bound, and Jeremy's only prayer of rescuing them lies with a mad pirate who lives in the rigging. But even freed: how can three unarmed captives scupper a crew of bloodthirsty buccaneers?

Captain Beckett and his corsairs are keeping them alive only until they gather the clues to solve the Wrecker's mysterious treasure map ... which Jeremy knows is really a deadly lure that will funnel them all into an inescapable death-trap, where he and every hand aboard ship will be butchered ... if he can stay alive long enough to enter the ambuscade.

Three pirate families, two treasures, and one forged map launches Jeremy Wrecker on a misadventure where the life and livelihood of his entire pirate clan depends upon his ability to lie to the only pirates who can save his life. When divergent types of pirates clash, betrayal, intrigue, and temptation vie against family values in this new Young Adult novel.

Devout followers of the Early Catholic, Druid, and Old Norse faiths must set aside ancient hatreds and struggle from Northern Europe to the fabled realms of Asgard and Valhalla.

Chased across Northumbria by a vengeance-driven Viking king, Eric leads a party of outcasts on a wild romp, seeking eternal glory.

Clinging only to their stolen treasure, and each other, Eric's horrified companions desire only escape from the army pursuing them ... and every path to freedom that Eric lead them on forces them to face perils worse than death. ... MORE ...

(Jeremy Wrecker contains some violence,
similar to "Treasure Island",
but is appropriate for young readers.)

(The VIKINGS! Trilogy contains sexual content
inappropriate for young readers.)