A glorious viking death gone wrong sparks a quest into the realms of Norse Mythology:

         Deathquest: Norse warrior Eric Bjornson is on a quest to get himself killed in the most glorious way, but his Christian companions are horrified as Eric cheerfully leads them from one deadly disaster into another.
         The Mourning Trail: Cheated of his glorious afterlife, his companions seek 'the crack in the world', a mystical doorway to the realms of Norse Mythology.
         Quest for Valhalla: Chased through the legendary lands of the Norse mythology by Hel, the Norse Goddess of Death, they fight trolls, dark elves, and illusion-casting giants to rightfully inter Eric's spirit into fabled Valhalla.

         Forced to marry aged Jarl Austmadr, Havi discovers that, in 8th century Sweden, women don't have the right to refuse a husband. Dragged to an altar, wedded, and forced to submit on a horrific wedding night, Havi 's dreams of romance are crushed. The next day, as Havi is loaded aboard a dragonship and taken from the only home that she 's ever known, Havi learns that her new husband is the ruler of the largest clan in Sweden and wealthy beyond her peasant imaginings.
         But Swedish court politics are unknown to Havi, who discovers that she has enemies even before she enters her new home. Yet Havi's greatest threats are her own stepsons, Sterki, who sees Havi, and any child that she might bear, as a threat to his inheritance, and Hviti, who poses an even greater threat; their mutual attraction, while she's married to his father, could cause a scandal that could destroy every clan in Sweden.

         Young Jeremy, his wise Uncle Rory, and his mule-headed older brother hail from a family of land pirates, who lure valuable ships into deadly ambush with fake treasure maps. Unexpectedly they are captured by sea pirates, their false treasure map stolen, and they are forced to sail into their own family's ambush, knowing that to reveal the truth, even under torture, will cost their family everything, and end their lives. The sea pirates choose to keep them alive just long enough to find the buried treasure marked on their map, a treasure which only Jeremy, his uncle, and his brother know never existed.

         Audrey, a 12 year old girl, is dragged against her will from her world of television and computers into Arcadia, a magical doll world, by her Great Aunt Virginia, who offers to teach her all of her powerful magic, but with the magic comes great responsibility: Arcadia is facing a terrible threat as three powerful enemies unite to enslave the dolls, but the greatest threat of all is balancing the demands of Audrey's magical world with real life threats and her parent's impending divorce.

         A kid's coloring/storybook: Together Sven & Gertrude sail on a great adventure to roam the seas in search of the fearsome fire-breathing Fafnir, the Hungry Dragon! Kids and adults love the cute story and pictures of Sven & Gertrude and the Hungry Dragon. Parents can read it to their kids, before and after they color it, and kids can use it to adopt good reading habits!