Help Sven & Gertrude find and
face Fafnir, the Hungry Dragon!

Together they set sail on a
great adventure to roam the seas
in search of the fearsome fire-breathing dragon who is eating all of their food!

But how will their adventure end?

Coloring book and Storybook!          

Kids and adults alike love the cute story and pictures of Sven & Gertrude and
the Hungry Dragon. Parents can read it to their kids, before and after they color it, and kids can use it to adopt good reading habits!

         Sadly, Sven & Gertrude and the Hungry Dragon is only available through direct purchase from Jay Palmer. (This can't be bought online.)

Select full-sized coloring book pages:   

Set your printer to "Fit to page" and print and color your own pages!   

(Sven & Gertrude and the Hungry Dragon
is appropriate for the youngest readers
and pre-readers!)