Cover Artists

I have been a fan of Katarina's art for years.
I never imagined that I would get her to do a cover for one of my books.
It was at times difficult, as the cover of Viking Daughter has countless
details which only historians care about, but my friends would spot with a
glance. She said I was "the pickiest client she'd ever had", but we were
both delighted by the result. The tiny details and nuances of her finished
artwork are amazing and beyond my wildest hopes. I'll always be her biggest fan!

Here are some sample images of her own design:

Not enough words of praise exist in the English language
for me to fully compliment Brooke Gillette,
not only for her brilliant and wonderful cover artwork,
her talent, and her professionalism,
but for putting up with me
and my endless requests upon every detail.

Here are some sample images of her own design:

These images are property of Brooke Gillette.


Piero Mng is an amazingly versitile artist.
The awesome artwork on his site wasn't designed for children,
but I saw clues, evidence of what he could do,
hidden in his impressive sample arts,
and his talent made a reality of my children's book.
I will be grateful forever for the quality of his work.

Here are some samples of his work:

These images are property of Piero Mng.