Why publish all three books
of a trilogy simultaneously?


This was a topic of great discussion between my publishers and me (before I dumped them!). We agreed that it was normal to post one book at a time and let enthusiasm build, but I feel that this methodology is obsolete. Unless the first book is hugely successful, many readers may not get around to reading the next book. Also, people in the 21st Century are accustomed to instantaneous satisfaction; I, too, have little tolerance for waiting.

Our main discussion was that, like LOTR, The VIKINGS! Trilogy is one great story. The scope of VIKINGS! increases with each book, and explodes with the last. I feel that people would prefer the whole story at once, especially from a new author, rather than merely the first book.

But overriding all was the differences in media attention today. Most new writers don't fail because of the quality of their writing; they fail because they didn't get enough attention fast enough to generate popular discussions while their book was new. Word of mouth is the best way to sell a book, and the release of an entire trilogy is bigger news than the release of only the first book. Given the chance, I prefer to buy the complete series and read it all at once, and I wanted to give my readers the same opportunity.

Profitability is not my goal for VIKINGS!; readership is the key to becoming a successful fiction writer. The VIKINGS! Trilogy is not my only novel(s): I am polishing up several other finished novels for publication right now; most are fantasy novels, but I also have two historical fictions about real life in the viking age (not sequels to VIKINGS!).

Competition is also a factor; look at what is out there. Good books abound, and the excitement of a cliffhanger to get the reader to start the next book is enhanced by the availability of the next book. My goal is to provide my readers with a story that they will enjoy and never forget. If I succeeded at this, then my goal is met.



From Alyne de Winter

This issue has been on my mind since I published Roses of the Moon--the first book in the dark Reliquary series. being on its own, it is hard to sell. The word on the street is that readers want the entire series so, if they like it, they won't have to stop, lose the thread and then have to go back when the next one comes out.
It's great to have them all done at once. I hope it does really well!

From Jay Palmer.

Thanks, Alyne de Winter!
BTW ... I LOVED Roses of the Moon - very dark and mysterious! I'm going to post your web address here so others can find it: