Shanghaied by cutthroats, and regretting his foolish outburst, young Jeremy is forced to scrub the pirate's ship. Captain Beckett had Jeremy's uncle and older brother, wounded and bound, imprisoned deep in the hold, and Jeremy's only prayer of rescuing them lies with a mad pirate who lives in the rigging. But even freed: how can three unarmed captives scupper a crew of bloodthirsty buccaneers?

Never say "Treasure Map" in a seedy Pirate Tavern!

Captain Beckett and his corsairs are keeping them alive only until they gather the clues to solve the Wrecker's mysterious treasure map ... which Jeremy knows is really a deadly lure that will funnel them all into an inescapable death-trap, where he and every hand aboard ship will be butchered ... if he can stay alive long enough to enter the ambuscade.

"You better pray that this map is real, boy,
or you won't live to tell more lies."

Betrayals, skullduggery, and deceptions awash their mighty ship, The Seahawk, as Jeremy Wrecker struggles to make friends of the only pirates who will accept him ... the unlucky few who know that their days are numbered. Beautiful Angela, the muscular, tattooed bosun who mercilessly whips the crew at Captain Beckett's command, is his only hope of saving the lives of those he loves ...
but never trust the kisses of a woman who kills!

(Jeremy Wrecker contains some violence,
with language similar to "Treasure Island",
but is appropriate for young readers.)