Full-sized Art, Games, and Quizes

Just For Fun!

"So many interests steal my attention that I can't resist creating new things. Here are some quizzes I created for Facebook. Also, here are two simple games that you can play; my best friends love the newest technology, but to prove that low-tech games can still be made, I created these. (My games use simple HTML, so no cookies, viruses, or stealing your data by playing my games!) For people who admire detail, here are sketches and full-sized images of my cover arts. Look around and have fun!"
--Jay Palmer

These are Jay's sketches - hand-drawn in pencil - created to assist my cover artist.


These are Jay's cover arts in full poster-size.








Here are some silly games to waste a few minutes playing.

Here are some silly Facebook quizzes to waste a few minutes taking.

(Jay Palmer and JayPalmerBooks are not responsible for any hours wasted herein!)