Are you ready for some monstrous fun?

Martin's dream of being a sports hero is crushed when his mother declares school athletics "too dangerous". Then a misfired spell from another realm drops Martin into the playoffs ... of the Olympics ... in the Monster world ... and all of Martin's dreams come true. Martin become the star of the games ... destined for greatness ... if he can survive.

Score big where the monsters play!

With a wizard for a coach, and a troll, an ogre, and a dryad for teammates, Martin struggles to play against goblins, cyclops, and satyrs ... in games as dangerous as they are bizarre.

But Martin discovers that his unexpected arrival is far from accidental, and becomes enmeshed in the sinister secrets of the Grand Council of Wizards. To compete in the games as a human, without claws, fangs, or a scaly hide, Martin must discover new ways to win ... but, growing up in the human world, where can Martin discover the secret strategies to win any game?

An elementary strategic primer
in a fun, exciting adventure!

(The Grotesquerie Games contains mild violence and early-teenage themes,
similar to "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe",
appropriate for very young readers and reading to small children,
with language tailored to increase a child's vocabulary.)