Torn from his well-ordered castle, young Galloway is commanded to be the Royal Seneschal, to provide the King's army with food, water, horses, and supplies ... at a distant mountain pass surrounded only by desert. Even before their enemy arrives, Galloway's inadequate resouces earn him hatred from the starving troops and their squabbling commanders. But as the fighting begins, Galloway discovers that victory depends on his non-martial skills as surely as on any soldier!

Supporting the troops can be a deadly battle!          

Exciting, rarely-seen views of combat prove that victories aren't won by swords alone ... but also by all who provide support: spies, cooks, stablemasters, healers, grooms, and even priests!

Thirty years before, Aveleck succeeded from the Kingdom of Brioenth after bloody civil war, and now Brioenth seeks revenge. Vastly outnumbered, Aveleck can't prevail, but where swords are blunted, other weapons must be sharpened ... and succeed ... for a nation to triumph.

Sometimes your greatest threat is your allies!

Galloway never asked for glory. He was forced to replace his aging father, the former Senechal of Castle Britlen, who fell victim to alzhimers at a time of war. Galloway was happy to run the castle, to command the other servants, and organize vital shipments, but when the king's Seneschal dies enroute to the war, Galloway faces an impossible task.

Charged to provide food and supplies for an entire army at the last minute, Galloway stumbles through pitfalls and political challenges from every side. Dragged to a distant mountain pass, Galloway faces the traumas of medieval warfare, a horror he'd never imagined. Dreaming of Diana, whom he left running the castle, Galloway must discover new strengths within himself ... or he could singlehandedly lose the war!

(The Seneschal contains mild violence
appropriate for teenagers and adults.)