Painstakingly-researched medieval attitudes and racial prejudices are revealed amid deadly challenges and jealous romantic triangles. Realism in medieval combat, including the difficulties of fighting in armor with swords, spears, and even a farmer's pitchfork, are taken from the author's real-life combat experience in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Realism in magic was drawn from books on Wicca and other sources, making The VIKINGS! Trilogy an insightful read. Depictions of castles and viking dragonships are taken from decades of archeological research; hidden inside The VIKINGS! Trilogy is a treasure-trove of historical facts and prejudices.

The VIKINGS! Trilogy hosts a cast of outrageous characters, including devout fanatics of three rival religions: an Old Norse warrior determined to enter Valhalla, a Druid priest seeing 'visions' from his goddess, and a devout follower of Christ eager to convert his pagan companions. Diverse women struggle to restrain them: a noblewomen who insists that they flee from England forever, a young girl determined to stay, and an aging prostitute who only wants them all to stay together.

Tensions never cease as the companions vie for leadership of their company through religious turmoils that risk their lives and their souls. Love triangles abound, spurring jealous rivalries. The viking era was an age of violence, social upheaval, and religious contention; The VIKINGS! Trilogy recreates that forgotten world in fantastic detail.

(The VIKINGS! Trilogy contains sexual content
inappropriate for young readers.)